How does it work?



You decide how many items you want to bring home at the same time. You can have the clothing at home for a month, you are also more than welcome to switch the items within the month.

1 item - 75 dkk, 3 items - 150 dkk, 5 items - 200 dkk // per month

While having the clothes at home remember that the stories they are part of creating are valuable for more people than just you. That’s the beauty of a Club. Share your adventures, thoughts, reflections, and pictures with the other members by sending them to @clothingclubaarhus on Instagram. Ask for styling or washing tips, or what events might be going on in Aarhus tonight if you have a outfit that needs to get out and shown. The more we share, the more stories are woven in to the clothing pieces, our relationships and the city we live in.

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Returning items: Items must be in the same condition or better (!) when they are returned. They must be washed and cleaned and returned within 4 weeks from the day you brought them home. If returned too late an additional fee of 50 dkk per late week will be asked when items are returned. If the item is broken but possible to fix, than make sure to make it known when you return it - so it doesn’t go into The Wardrobe, but to The Garment Hospital,  (meaning it will get fixed). If the piece is completely broken or lost there is a fee of 300 dkk.

Switch items: You are allowed to have the pieces at home for 4 weeks. Your are at any time during that month welcome to switch a piece for something different in The Wardrobe when it’s open. The same rules apply for the items you have switched, when you return them in the end of a lending period: washed, cleaned and in same or better condition than when you took it home.

Washing items: If used, the items must always be cleaned before returning to The Wardrobe. ALWAYS check the washing label if there is one, if insecure of how to wash the garment, contact The Clothing Club or another member that you know have borrowed the piece before you. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you will get them cleaned and still make it within the 4 weeks of lending. If returned too late an additional fee of 50 dkk per week the item is late.

Donating items: If you have clothing you appreciate too much to give away to second hand stores but you don’t use it enough to let it take space in your wardrobe and you feel like more people should get the opportunity to enjoy it, then you can send pictures of your garment on either Facebook or Instagram to The Clothing Club.

Buying items: The items in The Wardrobe are not for sale. The clothing in The Wardrobe is for sharing and for every member to enjoy.